Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hide and Seek Positional Game

One of my best friends has a little girl named Lily, that is about six months older than Archer.  I love watching her grow and learn and feel so blessed that she and Archer will grow up being friends. Anyway, Lily is at the age where she really enjoys looking for and hiding toys.  After talking to her mom, I decided to make a game for them to play where they could work on some positional words. Since Lily has this little stuffed kitty she loves, I made the game with a kitty cat.
The game has 20 cards that have different cards that each have a place to hide the kitty cat.  If you don't have a stuffed cat, I included a picture of one to print and laminate to play with. I also made a bluish/purplish version of the cat for the young Pete the Cat fans. Otherwise, you could use a plush Pete.
I'm imaging different ways to play depending on the age and ability of the child.  At first, you could draw a card and put the kitty there together.  Then you could start taking turns.  Eventually, you could have one person close their eyes or go in a different room, while the other hides the kitty.  Then they could use just the card to find it.

Download the game HERE

If you end up playing the game, I'd love for you to share pictures!

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