Tuesday, April 9, 2019

10 Month Learning Shelves

This month the whole family ended up getting sick, so we were all thrown off.  That means our reading and math activities were pretty inconsistent. Hopefully, we will get back on track!  We did get to read lots of books together and FINALLY got some time outside!
Baby Shelves
Here was his Spanish math early reader  and his Meet the Sight Words Books for this set of shelves.  For some reason, Archer thought the word "picnic" was very funny.
This construction puzzle was probably the biggest surprise this time around.  Archer loved playing with the pieces, but particularly the orange truck.  He would carry it around the house, or hang onto it while doing other things.  He still doesn't get the concept of puzzles, but we're working on it.  I show him how the pieces match and which ones go where.  He sometimes tries to put  them in, but often likes to try putting pieces into other slots.
The pop up toy ended up being some of the best $3 I've spent (thank you, Facebook Marketplace).  When I first brought it home, Xander actually stole it to use for quite a while.  Archer loves it too!  He struggles to get the doors open, but he LOVES closing them.
We also had out the little food disks I made to go with Never Feed a Yeti Spaghetti (free printable here).  Archer is getting better and better at "feeding" them through the mouths in the book.
After seeing how much Archer liked the construction vehicle puzzle, I tried getting out Xander's cars and traffic signs.  Archer played with them quite a bit.  He seemed to like the noise they made when he rolled them on hard floors.  He also really likes dumping out the plastic bin they're in as you try to put the cars in.
We got out the Rollipop track again.  Archer had lots of fun with it, but ended up wanting to stand on it, so he kept knocking it over.  On a whim, I got out an empty chai container that has a metal bottom and stuck the balls in there.  He spent SO much time playing with it.  He enjoyed taking the balls out and putting them in, especially because they made a loud noise when they hit the bottom.
I picked up a mylar balloon at the dollar store and it was a huge hit.  Archer liked watching it and hitting it.  I tied it, loosely, to his ankle, so he could read it.
Finally, in order to buy myself some time to work in the kitchen, I got out our letter magnets.  It was good fine motor practice for Archer, trying to pull them off the dishwasher.  He also practiced putting them on.  Mostly, he spread them throughout the kitchen.

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