Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tummy Time

My child does NOT like tummy time.  I've tried lying on the floor with him, putting toys around him, playing music, etc, and none of it works!  Lately I've started putting his flash cards around him.  He'll study them for a while, until he's looked at them all, at which point he resumes screaming (he LOVES flash cards if I go through them for him).  A couple days ago he was content to watch my dad vacuum, because apparently that is fascinating.  Yesterday, I went so far as to set up my lap top with Sid the Science Kid music videos about simple machines.  It worked for a while, until the internet started acting up.  I swear that child will do anything to watch television.  He even watches Cramer's Mad Money with my dad while I have class.

Watching Sid the Science Kid videos

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