Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Months

Almost three months!  Goodness I can barely remember life before Xander, although I vaguely remember it being less exhausting. :)

Tonight I've been singing to him along with the music.  He loves it, smiling and cooing.  He has NO idea his mother couldn't sing a note on key to save her life!  Hopefully he doesn't inherit my lack of ability.  

Yesterday I started showing him the "Your Baby Can Read" DVD.  I also started on the workbook and flash cards, but he was much less interested.  However, he did sit and let me show and read him picture books for quite a while.  My friend Mellissa shared her experience teaching her children to read early with me and I was incredibly encouraged.  She said she used the Glenn Doman method, which is also a method my dad had told me a lot about.  Curious, I checked the library and they had his book "How to Teach Your Baby Math."  I was fascinated.  I read the whole book today and would have run out to buy materials to start teaching Xander right away if we weren't in the middle of a snow storm.  However, I did do some online shopping and ordered my own copy of the book, as well as 5 others by Doman.  I plan to combine his system with the YBCR system.  I can't wait to get them all and start playing learning games with Xander.  Maybe it will work and he'll be a genius, but really, I'll just be happy if only gets a little bit out of it.  I want him to learn that learning can be fun and exciting.  If that is accomplished, my hard work will be worth it.  If he comes out of it reading and a math whiz, all the better.  I have a few years before I'll know if any of the work we put in now pays off.  If not, at least we'll get some good bonding time.

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