Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crib Time

Ok, so I realize that yesterday I said I was going to put Xander in his rocker in his room first and then move him to his crib.  However, yesterday I had him doing tummy time in there for a while to try to get him used to the crib, and he fell asleep for a while.  Then when he fell asleep nursing last night, I figured I'd go ahead and try putting him in.

He woke up when I set him down, but I put my cheek on his and "cuddled" him for a bit.  Then I slowly withdrew out of the room.  He slept for maybe 20 minutes.  Then he was up til 1:30 am, but I did the same thing when he fell asleep nursing, and he stayed there til 8!  Tonight I nursed him in his room, and he didn't even stir when I put him in the crib to sleep!  That was much easier than I expected (although rather hard for me to not be able to roll over and check on him).

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