Friday, May 6, 2022

3 Year Old Pre-K Monthly Summary: April

  I've posted about some of the themes we have done this spring, but I thought I'd also do a monthly summary post of some of our other school activities (mostly for me to look back on).  Since he goes to preschool two days a week for social interaction and because he is only 3 (and because I am 8 months pregnant), school is always short, doesn't happen daily, and isn't forced.  


I'm loosely using Kindergarten Math with Confidence, but mostly only for ideas of what concepts we need to practice. Most of that work was themed this month (either wrapping up his Easter Math Activities or Spring Math activities).

Playing with base ten blocks.


We're working our way through All About Spelling (Level 1). We definitely keep the lessons short, subdividing them into multiple days. He likes it as long as we don't try to do too much at a time.


We're still working our way through Kick Start Kindergarten. He likes it as long as we do it in small bursts. He's through most of the workbook, we're just doing a lot of practice on forming the letters correctly. Lately,  he's been wanting to write his spelling instead of using the tiles.

Other Activities

Asking Wrigley which countries he'd like to visit. According to Archer, Wrigley would like to go to Madagascar, Canada and Mali. Also, he will have to dress up and wear little boots because Canada is cold.
US Map puzzle

Coloring flags.
Using stencils and drawing flags.
Drawing flags with sidewalk chalk 
Painting flags (can you tell that he's REALLY into flags??)
Morning logic puzzles.
We found some great flag themed puzzles on the iPad.
Hooray for finally having some nice weather!!!

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