Friday, April 8, 2022

Easter Math Activities

Archer enjoyed his St. Patrick's Day Math activities enough that I made some more for Easter.  I ended up not making quite as many as I planned, but hopefully I can make some more for spring!
Addition boxes. I only did 8 this time because I did not have enough fillers for them. I used some Eater scatter from Hobby Lobby that had eggs, flowers and butterflies. You could use erasers or other similar small objects.
Math Activity
We've been working on counting money, so I made this egg activity. There are boxes for tallying each type of coin (you could also put the total value of each type in it) and then the total.
Not a printable, but another math activity we did this year was making patterns in an egg carton. I gave him some cards with different kinds of patterns written on them (AAB, AB, ABC, etc). We used pom poms but you could almost anything.


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