Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Spring Math Spinner Game

 April has me thinking Spring, so I have been working on some spring/bug/garden themed activities. One of the first ones I made was this Spring Butterfly Math Spinner Game. The one we made for St. Patrick's worked well for us and I'll probably continue to make them for various seasons/holidays throughout this year.

I made sheets for both addition (5-9s) and subtraction (5-10s). The subtraction is still kind of a stretch for him, but we can always get out an abacus to help. Also, I wanted this one set of printables to be able to last us a year or two.

Addition and Subtraction Morning Work

Initially, I presented it like this, with just one color of beads for him to complete on his own. I taped one of these spinners to a CD case and then can just switch out the spinner inside (I actually just reused the spinner I made for his St. Patrick's spinner game). 

Addition and subtraction Morning Work

He ended up wanting to play together, so I switched it to this setup. We each had the same number of gems and we took turns spinning and placing gems, trying to see who could run out first.

Print the Spring Math Spinner Games Here

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