Wednesday, March 2, 2022

St. Patrick's Day Math Spinner Game

 I love hands on math activities, both because they're more fun than book work and because if I set them up, Archer is drawn to them. However, I find it a little harder to come up with activities as his math skills progress. This spinner game was a new one for us and I'm hoping he likes it enough I can make more in other themes!

I made sheets for both addition (5-9s) and subtraction (5-10s). The subtraction is still kind of a stretch for him, but we can always get out an abacus to help.

Rainbows, Kindergarten Math
I taped one of these spinners to a CD case and then can just switch out the spinner inside. I gave him some green and gold coins (dollar store) to cover the numbers. Archer likes to just do it all by himself, but to make a game of it, you could see who gets rid of their coins first.
Subtraction version.

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