Thursday, March 10, 2022

St Patrick's Day Literacy Activities

I loved themed activities and my 3 year old loves visually appealing interactive activities. Coming up with hands on math ones is much easier for me than literacy ones. I think this is partially because he's a very "mathy" kid and partially because he is reading at such a high level that a lot of the "age appropriate" ones no longer work. Regardless, I am trying. Here is what I came up with for St. Patrick's Day!
Pot of Gold Word Families
Free Literacy Printables
St. Patrick's Day words syllable counting
Free Literacy Printables
Beginning blends. You could do these with movable letters or with dry erase markers. We're slowly working our way through  All About Spelling Level 1 and happen to be on blends. Even if we weren't, I figure extra fun practice is always good.
Free Literacy Printables
Ending blends. I laminated these and used a dry erase marker.

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