Thursday, March 17, 2022

Pre-K St Patrick's Day Activities

While we are slowly working our way through some purchased curriculum this year, I decided to also add in some themed activities that either go with the seasons/holidays or go with Archer's interests. Here are some of our St Patrick's Day Themed Activities. Archer is 3.5 but I try to meet him at his skill and interest level.
Eraser addition boxes. This was the first time doing this type of activity and he really enjoyed it. He actually saw the tray and insisted on doing it before I had planned.
We played this spinner addition game together. He had one color coin and I had the other. We took turns spinning and covering up the corresponding number. My plan was to have whoever got rid of their coins first win, but he just wanted to cover them all up.
We printed this Irish flag to color from Little Passports.
St Patrick's Day playdough had some green playdough, green gems, coins, shamrock buttons, a shamrock cookie cutter and some gold nuggets.
Leprechaun's Gold coin counting. I put various amounts of coins in these little cauldrons and had him practice adding them up. He did great as long as I reminded him to start adding with the biggest coins first.
Shamrock hole punch activity from Early Learning Ideas
Shamrock pin punching.
St Patrick's Day word family matching
Digging star pony beads out of  therapy putty. He ended up really enjoying it, so we will definitely be doing it again. I also had a little response worksheet for him after he got them all out.
Lucky Charms sorting/graphing activity. He rarely gets sugary cereal so he LOVED this activity.
I had out my folder that had last year's activities and Archer found these 10s frame sheets and wanted to do them.
Syllable counting has been something he's been hesitant to try. He usually does ok, but his lack of confidence makes him resistant. Luckily, he was interested enough to put the little green gems on his syllable worksheet.

Blend Word Cards Initially he wanted to do these cards with his  All About Spelling Tiles. Eventually, he asked if he could write out the whole words on lined paper. I was definitely not going to argue that!
St Patrick's Day Books. He didn't want me to read any of them to him, so he read them on his own.


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