Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Easter Literacy Activities

For March I made a bunch of St. Patrick's Day activities, which ended up being a fun diversion from our regular "curriculum." I decided to make some similar materials for Easter (and I'm hoping to make some general spring ones as well).
Easter literacy activities
Easter Egg Scramble. I put magnetic letters for each of the sight words into the eggs for him to open up and unscramble. The reference sheet makes it a bit easier.
Ending blends. You could do these with movable letters or with dry erase markers. We're slowly working our way through  All About Spelling Level 1 have done blends recently. Even if we weren't, I figure extra fun practice is always good.
Beginning blends
Easter Literacy
Word family sorting activity. Each egg has a different word on it to match one of the baskets. You could laminate for durability, but we just did it without.
Easter literacy
Easter syllable counting. We like to use these activities with bingo chips and a wand so that he can sweep them all up when he's done.


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