Monday, April 4, 2022

3 Year Old Pre-K Monthly Summary: March

 I've posted about some of the themes we have done this winter, but I thought I'd also do a monthly summary post of some of our other school activities (mostly for me to look back on).  Since he goes to preschool two days a week for social interaction and because he is only 3, school is always short, doesn't happen daily, and isn't forced (although schoolwork is sometimes used as a requirement for getting to watch YouTube).  Honestly, Archer was sick for a lot of March, so even less school happened than normal.


I'm loosely using Kindergarten Math with Confidence, but mostly only for ideas of what concepts we need to practice. Most of that work was themed this month (either St. Patrick's Day or Easter).

Some visual spatial practice with Building Block Templates and his Pattern Play game. 
He also used his geoboards to make "flags"


We're working our way through All About Spelling. We definitely keep the lessons short, subdividing them into multiple days. He likes it as long as we don't try to do too much at a time.


We're still working our way through Kick Start Kindergarten. He likes it as long as we do it in small bursts.

Other Activities

Continent Map puzzles are still a favorite.
Lots of reading
Since we set up the nursery, he's been reading lots of the baby's books. I know they're too easy for him, but I try not to discourage him. I want him to love reading and have positive associations with it.
"Working" with daddy.
The World Geopuzzle has been another favorite lately.
Small world play on the train table. Trains were getting ignored, so I switched it up.
He recently started gymnastics. He's missed a couple days from being sick, but so far he likes it.
Random coloring.
Checking out some exhibits at the museum. He LOVED the giant periodic table they had.
Coloring, cutting and playing with flags! He spends SO much time doing this and I have tiny paper flags all over the place.

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