Monday, April 11, 2022

Easter Homeschool Activities

Easter is right around the corner (although the weather is not exactly cooperating for that). Here are some of the themed activities we have been doing.
Easter play dough kit. It had cookie cutters, bunnies, Easter scatter and some eggs. I forgot to get a picture, but we also used our design rollers to "decorate" the eggs.
Archer specifically asked for these number matching eggs. They're too easy for him, but he had remember them from last year. He ended up using them to create some egg hunts for me.
Unscrambling his egg sight words.
Working on counting some coins inside eggs.
Easter "Peep" pin punch. I have a big push pin for him and have him do it over a couple of layers of foam. He always does these activities right away when he sees them.
Magnetic pattern blocks, a marker board and some pattern cards.
Making patterns in an egg carton. I gave him some cards with different kinds of patterns written on them (AAB, AB, ABC, etc). He used pom poms to create the patterns.
Syllable counting page. We used little acrylic eggs for him to select the number of syllables.
Easter egg sound matching activity. We used two colors and put different objects inside. He had to match up the pink and blue eggs that sounded the same.
Our shelf of Easter Books
Checking out some bunnies at the local pet store.


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