Monday, April 25, 2022

Spring Math Activities

I've been having a lot of fun making themed printable math activities the last few months. It's also so much more enjoyable for Archer than just practicing math skills on worksheets. Here are some of the spring activities I made recently.

Elementary math, insects
Math Addition boxes. I used these insect erasers, but you could adapt it by using colored pony beads or something else. I slipped the answer sheet into a page protector so he can do it with dry erase marker.
Elementary math, insects
Something new I decided to try was doing subtraction boxes. The boxes themselves didn't change, but the worksheet is set up as subtraction rather than addition.
Elementary, Butterflies
 Therapy putty graphing. I put little butterfly pony beads in the putty for him to dig out and build a "graph" with. Then I have a results sheet. You could easily use other beads of the same colors with the same answer sheets.
Elementary Math, Butterflies, Flowers
Flower graphing practice. The top has different types of patterns for him to build on the flowers below. I used the same butterfly pony beads as with the putty activity, but you could easily use regular beads, pom poms or other manipulatives. To help him visualize and keep track of which pattern he's on, I make sure to have enough extra beads that he can put them on the letters at the top. 
Elementary Math
Spring flower pot money counting activity. For this I got some itty bitty pots from the craft store, added some cheap flowers and then some coins to each one. I have the recording sheet for him to count the coins and write the totals. I am also anticipating using these pots for other activities as well.

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