Monday, March 7, 2022

St. Patrick's Day Math Activities

As I mentioned in my recent post about the math spinner game, I have been working on creating more hands on math practice for Archer. Here are some of the materials I have made this month for St. Patrick's Day.
Addition boxes may be new to us, but they're certainly not new. I have seen several examples on Pinterest, but never gotten to making them myself. Recently, I found some adorable little St. Patrick's erasers and the little boxes are from the dollar store. I put different amounts of erasers in each box and made a recording sheet in a dry erase sleeve. Archer was immediately drawn to it and insisted on doing all of them, even though I suggested chunking it into a few sessions.
St Patrick's Day
This year we have slowly started working on adding coins. In the past, I have always had him create a certain amount (How can you make $0.22?"). This time, I decided to give him the coins and have him figure out how much money that totaled. I made the little recording sheet to go with it.
Hands on Math, beginning graphing
I saw this cute idea for hiding things in therapy putty from Differentiated Kindergarten. I used little star pony beads to hide the colors of the rainbow. Then I made a place to put the beads when he dug them out and a results sheet with some basic comparison questions about what he found.
Hands on Math, beginning graphingHands on Math, beginning graphing
This activity is very similar to the previous one, but I used some Lucky Charms cereal instead. There's a sheet to put the different kinds of marshmallows and then a results sheet for answering questions.


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