Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bean Bags

While trying to think of items for his treasure basket, I decided Xander needed bean bags!  I was able to find some canvas in the clearance bin and a good friend lent me her sewing machine.  While I did get into a slight argument with a straight pin in the process, I ended up making him three, and they turned out better than I had expected.

Xander helped me by testing out the beans before I stuffed the bags.  He decided they were fun.  For some variety I stuffed one with black-eyed peas, one with popcorn kernels, and one with lentils.  They definitely feel different!

This is what they ended up looking like.  Not the most fun fabric in the world, but it is what was available.  Most of the canvas prints were very girly.

Here is Xander playing with the finished product.  He thinks it is hysterical if you put on on his head.  Putting one on Mommy or Grandpa's head is just as funny!  

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