Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toys Around the House

Lately I have been giving Xander random things from around the house to entertain him.  He loves discovering new things and I am continually shocked by what will keep him absorbed.  Consequently, I have decided to do a "Toys" Around the House section in hopes of giving inspiration to others with little ones (plus it satisfies those who only look at my blog for pictures of Xander).

The other day I found a package of balloons while going through my craft box.  At first the balloon just frustrated the heck out of him.  He would grab for the balloon, the balloon would bounce away, I would retrieve it, and repeat.  However, after adding some string, it has provided HOURS of entertainment.  He has figured out how to grab the string and reel in the balloon if it is far away.  You'd be surprised how challenging it is to coordinate the hand over hand to do that.  His favorite is to hold the string and bounce the balloon away from him, usually bopping himself in the face repeatedly.  I just have to be careful since I am paranoid about him trying to bite it and choking on a flying balloon fragment.

Of course being the obsessive mother that I am, I tried to find a way to make it educational (in addition to the motor development).  I got out his flashcard for balloon and showed it to him with the balloon multiple times over a few days.  I wanted him to have good experiences to relate back to the word was taught a couple months ago.

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