Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ready for Games

I swear one of the most common sayings I type on this blog is "my baby is getting so BIG!"  It seems every time I turn around he has already grown and changed in some way.  I am doing my best to soak up every second.

Well anyway, he has done it again.  In the past week or so Xander has really caught on to the idea of "playing."  He can anticipate outcomes and be shocked when they turn out different from his expectations.  He is starting to understand that certain things are just for fun.  When he enjoys something, he is pretty good at letting you know he would like you to do it again.

Wednesday, we finally got a break in the weather.  It was wonderful to see the sunshine again!  I convinced Brice to walk to Tropical Sno with us ("but it is so hot, and that is such a LONG walk" and he wasn't even the one pushing the stroller!  Pansy!).  It was a great outing, even though Xander napped most of the time.  When we got back we were all hot and sweaty.  I took off Xander's shorts and gave him some water to drink.  Then, just for the heck of it and to see what he would do, I dipped my fingers in the cup and flicked some water at him.  He cracked up!  He thought that was a great game, and we played for quite a while.  Luckily Brice was able to catch some on video!  I can't help but smile every time I watch it!

Sadly, that game has ceased being as funny since that day.  Even if he is hot, I only get a big grin out of splashing him.  No more giggles.  However, Friday night we found another one.  I walked Xander up to the park, just for a mellow outing in the evening.  As I was pushing him in the baby swing, I went around and pushed him from behind.  Since he is so little, I really have only pushed him facing him.  The back of the baby swing is high enough that he really couldn't see me.  Anyway, out of sight, out of mind, I guess, because when I came back around he got a big smile on his face, not quite sure where I had come from.  Well then I started going behind him and jumping out in front of him saying "BOO", to tons of glorious giggles

It always warms my heart to hear the giggles, but it was also interesting to watch him start to look for me.  He would try to anticipate which side I would hop out on.  Now that I know he is ready for these kinds of games, I need to make more of an effort to play them!  We have been working on patterns with counting bears, but which side Mommy will jump out on is a much more fun pattern!

A while back I read Baby Minds Brain-Building Games Your Baby Will Love.  It was interesting at the time, but I feel like now that he is playing, I should reread it and put it to good use!

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  1. Oh my goodness - that video is ADORABLE!!! It had me giggling! :) Miss you guys already!


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