Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Boy!

I've always agreed with the idea that boys and girls are just different, no matter how much progressives like to say they aren't.  They think differently, play different, and learn differently.  Doesn't mean both can't accomplish the same great feats.

Anyway, Xander definitely reinforced the idea this week!  In our Little Reader lessons we had two new categories this week.  One was action words.  He looked at the words, pictures, and videos with about the same degree of interest as the other categories (some days glued to the screen and excited and some days only glancing as each is presented while also paying attention to everything else in the room).  The second new category, however, was transportation.  Oh my goodness!  He bounces up and down every time one of those comes on the screen!  Just from pictures and 10 second video clips how can he already know that he is supposed to think that bicycles, trains, cars, helicopters, etc are interesting?  I expected him to like buses and trucks after seeing them in person, but not after the brief, indirect exposure he has had.  I may have to use images of vehicles in our other lessons just to spice them up!

I love getting to know his personality and discover what intrigues him.  Every day is an adventure!

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