Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Tummy Time Ever!

Tummy time has been a struggle for us, to say the least.  I want Xander to spend as much time on his tummy as possible.  He wants to spend as little as possible, especially since he can sit on his own.  I know it is my fault because I bought into the SIDS fears and always had him on his back as a baby.

Well today I tried a fun way of mixing it up.  I put the baby pool on the front deck and put in just a little water, maybe an inch.  I chose the deck since I don't have any level grass in the yard and didn't want any are to be too deep.  As a bonus, the pool was completely shaded by the house, so no sunscreen for a little boy who seems to think it is torture!

Overall it was a success!  He had a great time splashing and playing.  I think he was actually way more stable than when he is sitting in the pool since he doesn't have to lean over to reach far away toys.  What a wonderful way to enjoy a very hot afternoon together!  I am very glad we tried it and I am sure we will be doing it again soon!

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