Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smelly Bags

Recently I wrote about making Xander some bean bags for his treasure basket.  Deciding to run with that idea I made him some "smelly bags" or sachets.  I got some dried German Chamomile, lavender, and dried orange peel from a local health food store.  I ended up spending about $5 and getting about triple what I needed.

I also got these little tie bags for 19 cents each.  It was well worth it to save me having to make the liners myself. I just clipped off the drawstring, put the herbs in, and sewed them closed.

Then I sewed the whole thing into a sachet.  They don't look that great, mostly because I used SUPER thin fabric so that he could smell through it.  The canvas was MUCH easier to sew!

Banging the bags together can be fun.

Cracking himself up!


  1. I love the smelling sachet ideas! Thanks for sharing the great idea. : )

  2. Where did you get the tie bags?

    1. They sold them at the store where I bought the loose leaf teas.


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