Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Xander has been acting like he is teething for a while now but this week we finally have progress!  He has two bottom teeth poking through!  I can't wait for them to finish coming in so that he will be a happier little guy, and maybe less of a drool monster!

On the other hand, I am a little scared of him being a biter and having to ween him.  I would love to make that one year mark!  I suppose I have quite a bit of milk in the freezer so we could probably get by that way, but it wouldn't replace the comfort he gets.  We have had a couple of instances where I have had to scold him and flick his cheek for biting.  Breaks my heart but better now than when he can draw blood!

In the meantime Xander has been gnawing on frozen bagels.  I also have one of those mesh feeders, which is been a blessing!  He has used it for months to eat fresh fruits.  He particularly LOVES mango.  To help with the teething, though, I have been freezing apple juice and putting it in the feeder for him to chew on.  It keeps him entertained and soothed for quite a while.  He just yells at me every time I take it away to refill it.

Eating mango, his favorite.
Alternating between frozen bagel and frozen apple juice.


  1. I hope you don't mind my commenting on so many posts!

    My son has 14 teeth now, is still nursing and has only bitten me a couple of times experimentally (like a science experiment) but once he understood it hurt me, he stopped. So don't worry too much on that account.

    For teething - a GREAT food is frozen grapes. You might want to cut them in 2 or 3 pieces first. For some reason, when frozen the grapes lose their structure and become like little slushies in a skin. Try one yourself! They were a big hit in our family.

  2. Sorry I didn't respond earlier! Commenting on two posts is not too many!

    We will see how nursing goes. He has bitten me multiple times. Once he has teeth on top and bottom I am in big trouble.

    I have always loved frozen grapes. I have never given him any just because he wasn't super fond of regular grapes. Maybe I will try it next time they are on sale.


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