Monday, July 25, 2011

Colored Rice

Doesn't that just look like fun?  I finally made some colored rice!  It was super easy.  About 3/4 cup dried rice, 2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol, and food coloring.  Shake it together and set out to dry on waxed paper.  I put the waxed paper in a cookie sheet to keep it contained.  I learned not to wash the rice first.  I also learned that singled colors of food coloring worked best.  The colors above were made with a gel and drops. The purple below was made with red and blue drops and turned out much more dull than I wanted.  (While I didn't find them in time for the rice, I am so excited I finally found these soft gel food colorings sold individually.  They should come in handy for Xander's birthday cake.)

The rice dried in no time on one of our 90 degree days!

For now I just plan on putting it in shakers for Xander to play with.  In the future, when he is less likely to eat it, I can set up sensory bins or transferring activities with it.

One of Xander's favorite shakers.


  1. Hi Kaysha,
    I found your blog via Early Learning with Marta and Eaton and I am so happy about it. You have loads of very inspiring activities. I'm also a blogging mother of two ( nearly 2 year old and 6 year old boys). I would be delighted if you paid me a visit at
    Have a beautiful day ;-))
    Ewa - your new follower ;-)

  2. Ewa,

    Thank you so much! I did check out your site. The pictures look very interesting, but unfortunately, I can't read it other than the sidebar.



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