Monday, May 19, 2014

Plant Life Cycles Week

Since I was planning on planting my garden, we spent the week focusing on plants and their life cycles.

Of course, we started off by reading books on the topic.
I found this great plant life cycle craft at
Making a garden craft from
I found these seed and plant 3 part cards free from Montessori Printshop.
Flower Craft
We used the same technique for this flower as we did for our Dolfin Coffee Filter Craft.  I had Xander completely color a coffee filter with washable markers.   Then we got it wet, squeezed it, and let it dry.  Next he glued it to some blue paper and glued on a pipe cleaner stem, leaves and center.  To finish it off, he glued on some green tissue paper grass.
Gardening Sensory Bin
His favorite thing to do with it was fill the carrot with beans.
We got a cute little sunflower kit from our last book order (and saved it for nicer weather).  Xander was so proud to water it and plant the seeds himself.  Sadly, less than an hour after transplanting the sprouts into the garden they had been eaten.
Planting the Garden
Xander "helped" me plant the garden.  He had a great time and got super dirty!  I'm so glad my dad let us invade some of his landscaping so that we can have fresh herbs and tomatoes!
Tree of Gratitude Update
A week on plants seems like the perfect time to post an update of our Tree of Gratitude!  I love how full and colorful it is starting to look! Xander has been grateful for some odd things, as well as some very profound ones.  I try hard to let him choose whatever it is he would like to be grateful for, big or small!  You're welcome to check out our other gratitude and kindness related activities on the MAY We Be Grateful Post!
Making different rectangles with square tiles.
Doing an All About Spelling lesson, only using his toes as pointers.  Whatever makes the kid happy!

Fun and Games
Playing Spot It (from Chick-fil-A) and doing some Imaginets.
I found a started set of Zoobs at Target.  He can't snap them together yet, but he can sure direct me to snap them for him.  This was his "sword."
Practical Life
He insisted on vacuuming his room himself.  Who was I to argue?  He was so proud of himself (even if realistically, he didn't do very much of it).
Tot School

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  1. You have some amazing activities! I'm loving have a look around your blog! I really like that you let your son have a go digging with a real shovel. We did some gardening yesterday and my toddler also got to dig up a small hole every now and again. He only tried to dig out one plant so it was actually quite successful :)


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