Sunday, April 27, 2014

MAY We Be Grateful 2014

Back in November, like many other early education mommies, I put a lot of focus on being grateful.  We read books about being thankful, we made our Tree of Gratitude, and, of course, we celebrated Thanksgiving.  While I try to maintain an attitude of gratitude and try to instill that in Xander all year round, I really enjoyed having a month to really focus on it.  At the end of the month, I decided I needed to make it a bi-annual event and  "MAY We Be Grateful" was born.  May was the perfect month since it is six months away from November.

So what is May We Be Grateful?  Well, to be honest, it is still a little bit in the works.  I'm envisioning a month of reading books about gratitude, expressing appreciation for others, doing another Tree of Gratitude, some gratitude and kindess themed school materials, and a big celebratory meal.  Rather than simply doing another Thanksgiving dinner, I am thinking of throwing a small backyard barbecue and letting Xander invite a few friends.

Our May We Be Grateful Posts and Activities
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Won't You Join Us?
I would love to get other families in on the fun!  Feel free to post any links or pictures of your May We Be Grateful activities to my Facebook Page or Twitter Feed!  I'll post pins to the May We Be Grateful Pinterest board.  You can also link up any May We Be Grateful posts you put on your blog below!  I'll leave the linky open through the beginning of May 30th (it wouldn't let me go longer, sorry).  

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