Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love Note

We're celebrating  May We Be Grateful month in our house, where we are focusing on gratitude and kindness.  Not only do I want to teach Xander about expressing gratitude and being kind to others, I also want him to experience that gratitude and kindness himself.  Now, of course, I always try to express love and appreciation to Xander, but as a little something special, I decided to write him a love note.  

I picked out a cute card that I had, wrote Xander a note to remind him how much I loved him, and sent it in the mail so that he would receive it at daycare.  My daycare provider told me he was so excited to receive mail there!  When I picked him up he was holding his card and insisted on reading it to me right away.  He also read it a few times after he got home. I want him to remember that he is always loved and that I am always thinking about him, even if I'm not there, so this was perfect. It was such a simple thing for me to do and it brought him so much joy! 
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