Monday, April 7, 2014

O for Opaque

See what we did for other letters in the Alphabet in Simple Science.

O for Opaque
Science Notebook Page (Click the picture to print).
First we did his science notebook page and talked about what opaque, transparent, and translucent meant.  We read a book about it and looked at things around the room.  I defined opaque as something that blocks light, transparent as something that lets light through, and translucent as something that let some light through.
Transparent or Opaque?
Random items, some opaque and some not
Light box or flashlight
I gave Xander a bucket of items.  Some were opaque and some were not.  Then before putting each one on the light box, I had him predict whether it would be transparent, translucent or opaque.  Then he tested them out on the light box.

Making it Opaque

Transparent or translucent boxes
Beads, beans, or other opaque items
For this activity I put two translucent on the light box (I used our geometric shapes), then I asked him to predict what would happen if I filled one with his pop beads.  We talked about how putting opaque objects inside a translucent one made it opaque.

Transparent and Opaque Shadows
Transparent, translucent and opaque objects

While learning about transparent, translucent and opaque objects, we talked about how transparent objects cast a really light shadow while opaque objects cast a really dark one.  For this activity, I lined up a bunch of his objects near a wall and gave him a flashlight.  Then we compared shadows and talked about how the really dark shadows belonged to opaque objects.
Check out my Alphabet in Simple Science Pinterest Board for more ideas!
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  1. This looks like a great activity! It's so educational, while simultaneously looking like a lot of fun! My son is still too young for it, but I'm going to pin it for later :)


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