Monday, December 30, 2013


Can't believe Christmas has already come and gone!  What a wonderful couple of weeks!  Here's what we did.

Christmas Books
I don't remember whether or not I shared last year, but I did the Christmas books again this year.  I wrapped 24 Christmas or winter themed books and had him open one a day.  I used old books, but he loved unwrapping them to find out what "new" book he was getting!
 Spooning and Tweezing mini ornaments
 Christmas Sensory Bin
Nothing too exciting.  Just a split pea base with some mini ornaments, mini presents, and random Christmas toys.  
Word Family Christmas Ornaments
Working on some word families with the printables I made (free here)
Christmas Math
Doing some Christmas math worksheets (free here)
Mini Christmas Party/Craft
We had some good friends over and had a mini Christmas party.  The kids made foam gingerbread ornaments, ate pizza, and exchanged presents!  So much fun, we'll have to do it again next year!

Our friends know us so well!  Xander received some Imaginets as his gift!  We absolutely love them!  They're educational, of course, but more than that, I love the time we spend together working through each card!  Those are the precious one on one moments I live for!
Popping packaging wrap.  I used the opportunity to talk about how letting the air out slowly makes a quiet sound and letting it out fast makes a loud POP.  We practiced each a few times!
 Christmas Wreath Window Decoration
Xander made a Christmas wreath window decoration.  I cut out two circles from green construction paper and put them onto some contact paper.  Then I gave him some tissue paper to let him decorate the wreath.  I had him use mostly green, but then a few red pieces for berries. 
 Great facial expression!
 Candy Cane Reindeer
I bought the supplies to make these little reindeer from candy canes.  Basically I tied on some brown pipe cleaners for antlers and glued on the eyes and noses.  Unfortunately, it was a little too tricky for Xander to help, so he just chatted with me while I made them.  Then delivered them to the hospital for patients or nurses that had to be in the hospital over Christmas.  Xander got a big kick out of visiting the hospital where he was born, and hopefully we brought a smile to someone's face!
 Christmas Tree Puzzle
I printed this Christmas tree number puzzle from 3 Dinosaurs.  It was great practice for Xander working with teen numbers.
 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Morning
 Nothing beats having a toddler on Christmas morning!  I really enjoyed watching him open his gifts!  We are so blessed by friends and family!  He got some great learning toys!
More Magna-Tiles and some take apart vehicles from Mommy
 Number board and balance board from Grandma!  Doesn't he look so handsome (and a little too grown up) pretending to surf?
Building with the grandparents!  One of my best friends bought him the Squigz.  Those and the Magna-Tiles have ended up being his favorites!  It makes me so happy that he loves to build!
It was a very low-key Christmas, but it was so wonderful!  I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday season!

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