Friday, December 20, 2013

H for Habitat

See what we did for other letters in the Alphabet in Simple Science.

H for Habitat
Science Notebook Page (Click the picture to print).
Unlike many of the other Alphabet in Simple Science concepts, we really did not do any experiments for Habitats.  (It is not exactly ethical to experiment with what habitats are good for organisms...).  Mostly we discussed what habitats are and read a bunch of books.  We also watched The Magic School Bus Hops Home, which is their episode on habitats.  Scholastic also has a habitat game you can play for free here.

While we did not actually do any experiments, I did ask Xander to brainstorm what a water frog would need to live.  This was his list (written by Mommy).  My brother is bringing me a small tank in a week or two, so we're actually going to purchase an aquatic frog and discuss all of these needs when we get him.  Stay tuned!

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