Monday, December 9, 2013

The Best Super Power

Usually I try to post about what we did for Tot School on Mondays.  Unfortunately, Tot School didn't happen this week.  Since my biggest dream in life is to be able to home school my son, having to take the week off, in addition to all of the other weeks we have had to take off this semester, literally brought me to tears a few times.  He is growing so fast and I feel so guilty over losing those precious moments with him, even if it was out of my control.  Then it hit me this afternoon, that even though it has been hard, and we both crave more time together, this week was not a total loss.  I still taught him at least one valuable lesson.

This morning, while I was making breakfast, we also made some muffins.  I wrapped them up and we headed out in the snow to deliver them to the fire station.  We delivered our muffins with a great big "Merry Christmas!" and I could not have asked for a better response from the firemen!  They were so surprised we would think of them and very happy about the muffins!  While we weren't expecting anything at all, they invited us in, gave Xander some stickers, and let him look at the truck.  Their big smiles were absolutely perfect because they allowed me to point out to Xander just how happy he made them!  On the way home I told him that making people happy is like having a super power (Xander tends to zoom around pretending to be a super hero and "saving the day").  I want him to use that super power to make other people smile!
I was so grateful for the opportunity to brighten someone else's day and for the chance to teach Xander about spreading kindness.  Of course I want to teach him about literature, math, science and everything else he wants to know. I wish I could even pretend to keep up with how fast he wants to learn them, but in the end, I hope he learns to be a good person more than anything else.  If that's all there was time for this week, then that needs to be enough and I need to try to let go of a little of the guilt.

I hope to have time for regular school posts (and associated printables) again soon!  Thank you for your patience!

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