Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Hodgepodge

Holy cow, we have had a crazy couple of weeks!  Between a sick toddler, a STEM conference, a sick Mommy, two Halloween parties, Halloween, a couple of exams, and a birthday party to plan and execute, Xander's school did not exactly happen as planned.  The original plan was to do two full weeks of a Halloween theme, instead, this is what we did.

A trip to the pumpkin patch...

Halloween sensory bin.  He absolutely LOVED it!  I used black beans as a base and just a bunch of little toys left over from last year's goodie bags.  He literally spent hours scooping, pouring, and making a big mess. :)
 We read lots and lots of Halloween books!
 Carving a pumpkin.
  Making play dough monsters with play dough, google eyes, and spiders. 
 Making a pumpkin window decoration.  I taped contact paper to the table with the rough outline of a pumpkin.  Then I let him use tissue paper to decorate it.  Covered with another piece of contact paper and hung in the window.

Halloween worksheets and puzzles from Over the Big Moon, 3 Dinosaurs, and LessonPix
 Museum Party
 Supposed to be decorating cards for Halloween gift baggies, instead, decorating himself.
 Making a giant trumpet with pegs and unhappy to have his picture taken while playing with Hexie-Snaps.
At the STEM conference I picked up some fantastic My World of Science books for him.  One of them was Soft and Hard.  To go with it, we observed what sounds different objects made when hit with a spoon.
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