Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wizard of Oz Birthday

My little guy is slightly obsessed with the Wizard of Oz.  It is one of three full length movies he has ever watched straight through, and the only one that he has watched multiple times.  His favorite character is the Wicked Witch and he often pretends to be one himself.  For Halloween I printed pictures of about 12 costumes and he chose the Tin Man without hesitation (although a scarecrow was also an option).  Therefore, it was no surprise that he asked for a Wizard of Oz cake for his birthday.  Honestly, I had been hoping for something a little bit more mainstream and simple, but it was his choice.

This is what I came up with.  I ordered the figurines online.  The cake is two layer rainbow cake.  The yellow brick road is marshmallow fondant.  The emerald city is rock candy (store bought, my homemade attempt was a disaster).  All in all, I think it was pretty cute.  Xander loved it, which is all that matters.
 Birthday Treats
We did not have a big party, only three other kids came.  I did, however, still do party favors for them and then the same little bags for daycare treats.  Here is what was inside.

Heart - slinky heart
Brains - Jello gummy recipe in a mold
Lollipop Guild Lollipop
Courage - Juice box with courage label
Tin Man Hat - Hershey's Kiss
Glinda's Bubbles and Wand
Yellow Bricks - Starburts
Ruby Slipper - Soap
Balloon to Kansas - Punching balloon

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