Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday Gift and Reader Thank You

I don't know about other early education moms, but I definitely spend a lot of time choosing birthday and Christmas gifts carefully!  On the one hand, I am an only parent living with my father so that I can finish graduate school... resources are limited.  On the other hand, I want toys that are educational and long lasting.  I HATE clutter and do not like the idea picking random gifts that will sit around collecting dust after a few weeks.

Well this year, I decided to get him the large set of Magna-Tiles.  I originally fell in love with them years ago when my step daughter had some.  They are colorful little tiles with magnets around the edges, which allow for some great building!  I am always trying to encourage him to build and create, so I thought they would be perfect!  I was nervous though; what if he did not like them.  They are definitely the most expensive gift I have ever purchased for him, but I took the risk and it paid off.  He LOVES them.  He has played with them every day since he received them, sometimes for hours.  He took them to daycare and everyone there loved them also.  

The magnets allow him to build much taller structures than he could with normal blocks.  He also likes building "houses" and then putting things inside, since the tiles are translucent.
Honestly, he loves them so much, I am considering getting him the add-on set for Christmas.

Anyway, in addition to sharing for anyone looking for birthday or Christmas gift ideas, I also wanted to say Thank You to my readers.  I've always been upfront about using affiliate links, and wanted to say thank you to those of you who have clicked one and ordered anything (even not the exact product clicked) in the past.  The commissions are small, but by saving all year and using a couple of gift cards I had received for Mother's Day, I was able to purchase his Magna-Tiles with relatively little out of pocket.  My first reason for blogging is not to make money (I don't even have any ads), but the little bit extra is so nice to use for purchasing educational toys and tools for Xander.  I am grateful.  :)

For more gift ideas, check out our Toys and Tools page!

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