Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Central and Eastern Europe Week (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria)

We're still working on our Around the World Homeschool Units. Since we cannot possibly do every single country in the world in one year, I did find myself having to lump countries sometimes. This week we did Central and Eastern Europe (Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria). Since we were battling nasty colds and it was right before winter break, it was a rather light week.


Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria
We have many wonderful spines we read for each country, but here are some of the picture books we read:
Pedal Power (Netherlands)
Vincent Can't Sleep (Vincent Van Gogh, Netherlands)
Our Little Mushroom (Franz Schubert, Austria)
On a Beam of Light (Albert Einstein, Germany)
This page from A Place Called Home has homes floating on the canals of Amsterdam


We tried out Stamppot from the Netherlands. Everyone in the family enjoyed it, even if the boys picked out some of the kale from the mashed potatoes.

Read Aloud:

For read aloud we did Pack-n-Go Girls: Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost. This one was a bit of a stretch for Archer, because he does not like anything even remotely scary, spooky or stressful. Luckily, we were able to read it pretty quickly and he did well with it.


We did a Q-Tip Tulip landscape inspired by Projects for Kids. We also looked at some photos of Dutch tulip landscapes.


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