Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Engaging Winter Books

My kids love books, but they tend to gravitate towards books that are engaging or interactive in some way. They love flaps or sounds or other unique elements. Here are some winter books that fit that category.

Interactive Books

  • In the Snow: This book is about animals that live in the snow, but as you turn the pages, the Venetian windows make the scenes "change." Kids have fun opening and closing the pages to watch the changes happen.
  • Into the Arctic - This book has little acetate windows that let you peek through various layers of the snowy scenes. It also features some more unique animals, in addition to the polar bears and arctic foxes.
  • Whose Prints? - This is a board book that has little cut outs that are fun for little fingers to feel. I also like that it uses varying vocabulary for how the animals moved (skittered, slink-slink-slinked, etc).

  • Who's Hiding in the Snow? - This book has tons of flaps for kids to find the animals hiding under the snow. I liked that it has a huge variety of animals.
  • What is a Narwhal? - Technically this is a board book with big thick flaps. What I love about this series (we have all of them), is that they're board books but still have lots of great information in them. Even my middle son can read and enjoy them.
  • Peek Inside Snowy Places - a beginner lift the flap book with big flaps to look behind. Still lots of good information.
  • Don't Tickle the Polar Bear: this book is a lot simpler, so better for little kids. The buttons to active the sounds have textures and are really easy to push. That being said, it is one my toddler is likely to read on her own.
  • Arctic Animal Sound Book: this book I actually like a little better (and my 19 month old really likes too). It is a sound book, but it has more sounds per page and more interesting sounds.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. “Whose Prints?” looks like a cute book. I may order that one for Zoey!


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