Friday, January 26, 2024

Tot School Gray Week

       We recently wrapped out the gray week of our color themes.  As with the boys, my goal is not for her to learn her colors. You can see my tot school goals here.

Juniper was 19 months
Juniper's little area on our wall. I put up her color poster was free from Isla Hearts Teaching on TPT. I put out a gray book and some early readers. This week she had me read the early readers on repeat!
Working on her coloring book pages (free here).

We've been starting to use Montessori 3 Part Vocabulary Cards with some color cards. She has really been enjoying the activity and was able to match them all by the end of the week.
Random gray manipulatives and a mold for some one to one correspondence work.
I had some wooden balls I painted gray back when my oldest was little. She had fun dropping them down a tube.
Napkin rings on a pasta drying tree.
Bin of gray items.
We used gray foam and pillows to build a climbing structure (there's a mixture of Nugget, Roo and You and Arches Magoo).
Paperclips in a bottle with a bingo wand.
Working on her little fraction puzzle (she's too little to worry about the fraction aspect, we just work on matching the colors and getting the pieces in). My 5 year old also really enjoys this one.
Playing Go Away Monster. She didn't necessarily get the "point" of the game, but she knew what she was supposed to do and liked yelling "Go Away Monsters!!"

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  1. I love the paper clips in a bottle with a magnetic wand! I'm going to try that with Zoey - I bet she'd love it!


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