Thursday, January 11, 2024

East and Central Europe - Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland

     This week in our Around the World Homeschool Curriculum, we looked at East and Central Europe (Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland). It was a short week back after break, so we did not do as many activities as normal.


We have many wonderful spines we read for each country, but here are some of the picture books we read:
The Czech Repubilc


Using his learning globe to learn about this week's countries.
He colored a flag from Little Passports


My husband made Babka, which was delicious and we all always love.
We also tried out Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. Everyone liked it, especially the boys. However, I did not think it was quite worth all the simmering time compared to some of our other chicken dishes.


We did Polish Gwiazdy paper art from DLTK-Kids. We made the mistake of using construction paper, so Archer needed some help cutting the designs he drew. Next time, we would use thinner paper.


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