Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Biome Units: Temperate Forest

 As we tour the world, we are also learning about various biomes around the world. We spent a couple of weeks focused on temperate forests. 


Several books about the temperate forests:
Green Eyed Tree Frog vs Wood Frog
I also got out some woodland animal books we had.
One of the Black Forest pages in The Wonder Garden. This book is so pretty. One of these days I need to get it out under the blacklight.


He drew an opossum from Draw Write Now 7
Forest themed play dough kit. I included some sticks, wood slices, rocks, gems, leaf cookie cutters, Toob animals and Forest Friends Rollers

Woodland animals pattern block templates.

I didn't catch a good picture, but the forest theme was a good reason to play Squirrels Go Nuts. I wanted to get Grizzly Gears, but did not get it in time.


Other Biome Resources here:


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