Thursday, January 18, 2024

Southern Europe: Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal

This week on our Around the World Homeschool journey, we visited the Southern Europe countries of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.


We have many wonderful spines we read for each country, but here are some of the picture books we read:
Venice lift-the-flap page from See Inside Great Cities
Not sure how it is comfortable, but a perk of homeschool is that he can read in any position he likes.


A couple of pages from Around the World Mazes


This week we ate recipes from various countries. We started with Portuguese Sweet Bread and Greek Moussaka . Archer LOVED the bread, as did most of the family. No one liked the Moussaka. Then we had paella from a recipe we've had for years.

Read Aloud:

This week we read Giada De Laurentis's Recipe for Adventure: Naples! Archer thought it was ok, but did not really love it. It was a little surprising, since he liked the Paris one.

Archer read Greetings From Somewhere: The Mystery of the Mosaic this week. I read all of the Greetings from Somewhere books to him when he was four, but not he enjoys rereading them on his own. I like that they include some information about each country while also having a story.


Art this week was not related to the countries. I taped a doily to paper and had him paint it with liquid water color. When we pealed up the doily, it was pretty and there was an interesting pattern on the paper. If I were to do it again, I think I'd overlap two doilies.


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