Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Tot School Christmas Activities

With Christmas approaching, we took a break from our Color Themes to do some fun holiday activities. We'll continue with color themes in the new year.

Play dough is a daily, if not multiple times a day, activity in our house, so I made two different play dough trays. The first one was "tree" themed.
She used it with both dark and light green play dough.
The second was gingerbread themed. We used gingerbread play dough and lots of fun little add ins. I don't think either kid made many actual gingerbread men or houses.
The boys, their dad and I build a big Lego Christmas Village every year.  So that Juniper wouldn't feel left out, I bought her this adorable little Christmas Duplo set.
I threw some jingle bells and magnets in a bin and both younger kids had a blast! There were jingle bells all over the play room for days!
At one point, Archer decided to get out the baby ball track and that was a huge hit. We also stuck some jingle bells on Magna-Tiles.
She made her first ornament. I set out some gems, pom poms, beads and pipe cleaners with an empty ornament. I was shocked at how long she worked on it!
Christmas Sensory Bin. I dyed pearl barley red and green and threw in some little white pasta stars.
Light table Christmas Trees - I cut up a binder divider. Since it had pockets, I was able to get four triangles. I gave her some bingo chips and a wand for her to decorate and "clean up."

We let her try decorating a cookie while the big kids decorated gingerbread houses. She wasn't too interested in decorating, mostly eating.
I love it when materials I used over a decade ago are still useful now. We did some color matching with little light bulbs I printed from Tons of Fun
Matching Christmas 3 Part Cards. Juniper is still beginning reading, so she definitely couldn't read all the words. We just practiced reading them together and finding the match.
I've posted about our Christmas Book Advent Calendar activity before, so it's no surprise that we read lots of Christmas books. Here are some of Juniper's favorites.

Toy Cookies
Reusable Christmas Stickers


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  2. I love these Christmas activities! Jingle bells and magnatiles is always a hit at our house. I'm starting a weekly blog link up called Little Learners, and I would love for you to check it out! It will be going live on Saturdays. I also post about my tot school adventures among other things.


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