Friday, October 6, 2023

Tot School - Pink Week


We recently wrapped out our pink week of our color themes.  As with the boys, my goal is not for her to learn her colors. You can see my tot school goals here.
Juniper was 15 months

Juniper's little area on our wall. I put up her color poster was free from Isla Hearts Teaching on TPT. I put out some "pink" themed books for her, a Meet the Sight Words reader and a Non-Fiction Sight Words book. Being my pickiest reader, she was kind of hit or miss on all of them, which is perfectly fine. I don't force her to read things she doesn't want to, but I do provide the opportunity.

I tried to give her a chance to use different media for her little pink coloring book pages (free here). She used crayon, marker and Do-a-Dot Markers
Stickers on pink paper, both at home and at the museum.
Pink paint with a little pom pom painter.
Pink playdough, which is her absolute favorite. We used various stampers and cookie cutters.
I'm introducing her to Montessori 3 Part Vocabulary Cards with some color cards. She's not ready to do them independently, but I'm modeling for her and eventually she'll get it. She does like trying to help put the word card on the picture. Sometimes she does it correctly, sometimes she doesn't, and sometimes she knocks all the cards on the floor.
I got out some two part puzzles for the first time. She liked putting the first one together and then was done with it.
Magna tile animals were used quite a bit this week.
Pink soap foam sensory bin (a cup of water, a few squirts of dish soap and a couple of drops of food coloring in a stand mixer on high). I threw in some little porcupine balls and the kids ended up getting out their tea set too. Lots of soapy, messy fun.

I totally forgot to take a picture of her school shelves for the week. Here's what I did get pictures of:
Basket of random pink toys.
Pom pom push using a puffs container with a hole cut into the lid.
Spinagain (there are lots of knock offs now)
A chunky puzzle
Peg posting toy
Basket of pink dress up items and pink playsilk.

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