Monday, October 9, 2023

Kindergarten Science: Weather

 As I've mentioned, this year, we are taking a two pronged approach to science. We are doing activities to meet the Next Generation Science Standards for kindergarten, but we are also learning about biomes to go along with out Around the World Homeschool studies. I've done my best to meld the two so it feels mostly cohesive.

We spent the last two weeks focusing on weather and extreme weather. Here was what we did.

Weather and Forecasting:

  • Discuss how weather affects people:
    • Discuss how they might dress differently for playing at the beach vs playing in the snow.
    • Discuss how rain might change or affect their plans. What are things we can't do if it is raining?
    • Discuss what can happen after a huge snow or ice storm (having to shovel, businesses and schools closing, pipes freezing, slipping when we walk, having to drive slowly).

Severe Weather:

NGSS include standards on extreme weather. It is recommended to pick weather phenomenon that happen in your area. We will focused on floods and tornadoes, since those are relevant to us.

More Weather Books and Resources:

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