Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Peru Week

  Our next country in our Around the World Homeschool curriculum was Peru. I know that Build Your Library and Torch Light skip it, but my mom was born there, so we decided to take a week on it.


VÁMONOS: Lima (board book)


Coloring the Peruvian flag from Little Passports
Archer colored a map of Peru. He decided to use the colors from his wooden Peru map puzzle, which he also did.
Andean mountain maze from Around the World Mazes


We tend to eat Peruvian Roast Chicken and rice with egg and avocado pretty often, so I thought I'd try a new Peruvian recipe. We did a classic Lomo Saltado served over rice. Everyone in the family liked it, especially the French fries after they soaked up the drippings from the beef and veggies.

Read Aloud:

This week we continued reading The Boxcar Children Great Adventure: The Khipu and the Final Key. It starts in Argentina and ends in Peru, which was perfect for our schedule.


For art, he decorated a fancy llama. I printed an outline on cardstock and he cut it out and wrapped yarn around it. Then he bedazzled it.


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