Friday, October 20, 2023

Rainforest Theme Tot School

 Since we are studying different biomes of the world for big brother's homeschool, I thought it might be fun to take a week to do rainforests with him. She's only 16 months, so obviously, I don't really expect her to learn anything about the rainforest. Instead, it was just a fun theme and excuse to read our rainforest related books.

Rain Forest Related Books:
Snake Slide - little coils of pipe cleaners down a tube. We started with a plastic jar, but eventually switched to a square one to catch them. Big brother thought it was fun, too!
Reusable puffy stickers.
Leaves on Trees - I stole the rings from Otrio and had her practice sliding them on a pasta drying rack. It was a lot harder for her than I expected.
Frog Pond - I put little frog stickers on clothespins and then put them on a container for her to take off.
Juniper has been enjoying our South American animals that I got out for her brother (regular size, not Toob size). We have a spider monkeymama tapir and baby tapira sloth and treellamas and alpacas, a jaguar and a capybara (similar). She keeps putting the llamas in her shirt.
Coloring a chameleon (and side eyeing brother's cooler art project).
Feed the Monkey - I put a monkey face on a cereal box and had her feed him little Toob Food.
Rainforest Sensory Bin - I used various shades of green rice and then some brightly colored pasta for "flowers" and "butterflies." I gave them the South American and Rain Forest Animals to play. Sensory bins are always a hit.
Chameleon bean bag toss (or walk over and put it in the hole 😂)

Some other Rain Forest Ideas:

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