Monday, October 23, 2023

Biome Units: Tropical Forests

As we tour the world, we are also learning about various biomes around the world. We spent a couple of weeks focused on tropical rain forests. While we did this unit while studying Brazil, we also included resources about the African and Asian rainforests.


We read a TON of books for this unit.
What is a Jungle
Explore the Tropical Rain Forest (just skimmed together)
Amazon Sun Amazon Rain
Chameleons are Cool
Going to the Rainforest
The Wild Life of Animals (pertinent animals)
Red-Eyed Tree Frog vs Wood Frog
Rain Forest Homes
These were a couple of pages (I think there were six total) from The Wonder Garden.
The rainforest page from What's Below


Activity Books
Animal Poems from the Iguazu (not exactly an activity, but we read poetry every week so it worked)
Puzzle Jungle
Jungle Picture Puzzle Book

A couple of pages from Jungle Sticker Facts. I think this was the favorite of the activity books
Amazon page from Adventures Around the Globe Activity Book

Every week I'm trying to get in at least one logic puzzle game and one board game. This week he played One in a Chameleon and we played Hiss, which I felt both fit the theme.
Rainforest Toob animals and vocabulary card matching
Rainforest Sensory Bin - I used various shades of green rice and then some brightly colored pasta for "flowers" and "butterflies." I gave them the South American and Rain Forest Animals to play. Sensory bins are always a hit with both kids.
Climbing tree frog - He painted some art paper and then we traced a frog outline onto it. He used a hole punch on each hand and we put in little suction cups to let it climb the window.
Rainforest Play Dough Tray - I gave him a dried out coconut shell, some leaf cookie cutters, some gems and leaves and Rain Forest Toob Animals.
He drew a Toucan from Draw Write Now 7

Other Biome Resources here:


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