Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Brazil Week

 Our next country in our Around the World Homeschool curriculum was Brazil. Now this one was tricky because the focus was the rainforest, which is also a unit we're doing for science. Rather than posting ALL off the books and activities in both, I am focusing on the Brazil resources here and rainforest resources on its own post.


As always, we read about Brazil from our spines. Then we also read a TON of other books, but since most of them were about the rainforest, I'll put those on that post. More specific to Brazil, we read Steve Goes to Carnival, Bisa's Carnaval, Living in Brazil, and We Come from Brazil.
This page from A Place Called Home has homes in the Brazilian rainforest.


Archer decided to color the flags of Brazil from his Flag Book.
Seek and Find Around the World page on Rio de Janeiro
Flag of Brazil from Little Passports
Sensory bin with South American and Rain Forest Animals


We kind of went all out for Brazil and did three recipes. We had Brazillian lemonadeFeijoada (Black Bean Stew) and Pao De Queijo (Cheese Bread). 

Read Aloud:

This week we read Race the Wild Rain Forest Relay. Archer liked it enough to want to read the other books. It did a good job of having a story but inserting facts about the rainforest.


Every week I'm trying to get in at least one logic puzzle game and one board game. This week he played One in a Chameleon and we played Hiss, which I felt both fit the theme.


This week we made a little tree frog. He painted some art paper and then we traced a frog outline onto it. He used a hole punch on each hand and we put in little suction cups to let it climb the window.


We got our movie-resistant kid to watch Rio, which he absolutely LOVED (now we have to watch Rio 2)

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