Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Central America and the Caribbean Week

 We're touring the globe with our Around the World Homeschool. Unfortunately, we can't do all 195 countries in one school year, so I did some combining. This week we did Central America and the Caribbean. A lot of our resources ended up being about Cuba and Guatemala.


I'm not going to list out our spines every week, but I thought I'd share some of our other books. 
Only a Trenza Away - a beautiful story about a dad and daughter and she slowly learns to rely on herself.

We read about the Greater Bulldog Bats and Green Basilisk Lizards from The Wild Life of Animals.

Read Aloud:

This week we read Hola Lola: Guatemalan Summer. It's a cute little series about a girl who lives in the United States but whose family is from Guatemala. In this particular book, she goes to visit her family in Guatemala.


He colored a map of Central America.
He colored the Guatemalan and Costa Rican flags from Little Passports. (They also have Jamaica, but we didn't get to it).


We started the week out with Ropa Vieja from Cuba. The first time we ate it the traditional way, with rice. As leftovers, we ate it on sandwiches like Italian beef.  We all kind of decided it was good, but not worth the work on a regular basis.
Next was Sopa de Capirotadas. I liked the cheese dumplings, my oldest really liked the soup base, my husband liked it but thought it needed chicken or something and Archer didn't like it at all.


This week we played Otrio. Not at all related to Central America.
Individual logic game was Mental Blox.


We did some paper weaving (this website was helpful). In this picture the bottom strip was off, so we fixed it later.
We spent an afternoon at the maker space at our local museum.


We also used the opportunity to watch Alma's Way from PBS kids.

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