Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tot Trays - Trapezoid Week

Tot Trays

Xander is 18.5 Months

 These are the trays from last week, so they happened during our Trapezoid Week and our Musical Instrument Theme.  I try to have the trays link in when I can, but don't feel constrained by making them fit.  I don't intend the trays to be done independently, but rather scaffolded by me.

Tray #1:
I know I posted about this last week, but we still definitely put our bin of musical instruments to good use.  We also added our homemade instruments.  The bin included maracas, egg shakers, tambourines, jingle bells, a toy drum, a lollipop drum, a xylophone, a triangle, baby instruments, Leap Frog Maracas, and a bunch of homemade shakers.  

Blowing the train whistle and "singing" into his maraca.

 Tray #2:
This tray had his xylophone and then the xylophone ordering page from the Musical Instrument Tot Pack.  The tot pack also includes the same xylophone page only with the letters in alphabetical order rather than musical order.  We ordered the bars, pointed to the letters, talked about the colors, and then matched the letter note to the sound on the xylophone.

 Tray #3:
This tray had his Pyramid of Play.  I found this toy at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it.  The boxes stack and next, but also have a cut out in one side that a shape fits through.  He played with this tray multiple times a day.

Putting the shapes into the boxes.


Puzzle of the Week:
For one of his trays I always try to do a puzzle. This one really didn't have much to do with the themes, but Xander had fun matching up the animals anyway.


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