Monday, May 7, 2012

Shapes - Oval

Xander is 17.5 Months
Theme:  Ball Theme
Shape: Oval

We are currently working on shapes, devoting one week to each while also reviewing those already learned.    The themes just add a fun element to the shapes lessons. I added a page to gather all of the Shape Posts and Printables to make them easier to find.  For our overall Tot School goals for our shape units, see my Goals post.

This is our second wee of our Ball Theme and Xander is still absolutely loving it!  I think the themed activities overshadowed our oval activities this week, but I don't really mind since the oval is one of the shapes he already recognized. I used our Montessori style 3 part cards.  I mixed them in with the 3 part cards from our Ball Theme Tot Pack.  Just like last week, he had a great time point to each ball with me.

I made a tracing page (in the Oval Printables).  We use all of his tracing materials in either page protectors or his Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center.  He probably prefers the Crayola center, but I don't always like changing them out for him.  He is no where near ready to trace on his own, but I have him hold the marker and I hold his hand.  We trace together and I talk about what we're doing.  He really enjoys it.

He really enjoyed helping me trace the lines on the tracing page from his Ball Tot Pack.  He can erase the pages on his own.

Below is a coloring page from our Oval Printables.  Once again, Xander cannot do this activity without help.  He held the crayons and I helped him color in the correct area.  He is getting better at coloring in the area I point to by himself, although he is still a long way from doing this activity independently.  I love that he enjoys coloring!

I picked up some ball foam stickers for him and he had a lot of fun with them.  He likes to have me say a ball  for him to point to.

Making Learning Fun has these great shape highway printables.  I laminated the oval he drove his train on it.  We made some play dough snakes to go around it.

Playing with his laptop.  He get's this thing out every day.  Sometimes I find myself singing the songs randomly...

Xander has pointed out basketball hoops as we pass them on our walks and bike rides for a while now.  Then one day he decided to try to throw a ball into our full sized basketball hoop.  He tried so hard I decided I needed to find him his own mini hoop.  I was so blessed to find one two days later at a consignment store.  Here is a pic of him the night I brought it home.  His face says it all!

This Week's Books:
We read other shape books too, but couldn't find the links on Amazon.


Continuous Tot School Activities:
We are using Little Reader to work on reading skills and Little Math for math skills.  My goal is two Little Reader lessons and one Little Math lesson daily.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Xander thinks he is a big boy now, and insists on eating breakfast (and some other meals) by himself.  He makes a huge mess, but I know that it is important for him to practice.  My baby is growing up! 

Check back on Wednesday to see this week's  Tot Trays!

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